Masterchef in a nutshell

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On February 24th during the vacations, we participated in an English Masterchef Worshop at school. This workshop was organized by Mrs. Kessler, Mrs. Belkaled, and Mrs. Olivier. We all spoke in English while making our pizza. Thanks to this, we learned how to say the ingredients and the culinary words in English. Mr. Bonus, our canteen school chef, worked with us and allowed us to work in his kitchen and discover his craft. He explained that hygiene is of upmost importance in school canteens, and that all menus must include healthy options.

We all had a pizza dough recipe and had to choose our toppings (such as peppers, cheeses, olives, onions, tomatoes, etc). We made our dough from scratch, and carefully followed each step (such as kneeding, tossing, shaping etc). All the toppings were farm fresh. After a few hours of hard work, we had a chance to taste our creations. A jury selected the best pizza and the title of « Best Pizza Chef » went to the winner.

Enjoy the pictures ! We hope they don’t make your mouth water too much !

It was a fantastic learning experience making pizza dough. It was very rewarding because now we can make pizza at home in our own kitchen whenever we want.

Mr. Bonus helped us understand the importance of accurate measurement. Too much water can make for a tasteless, soggy, formless dough which no one would want to eat. Too much of other ingredients would have different negative effects. So it is a delicate balancing act which can always be perfected.

Our pizzas were judged on three criteria : aesthetic appearance, the quality of the bake, and of course, the taste !

For one day we felt like actual sous-chefs in a chef’s kitchen.